Research Associate (ACElab, McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience under Dr. Alan C. Evans)


Published: 29Jun2020

Primary duties:
The candidate will work independently on basic research projects in the laboratory of Professor Alan C. Evans (ACElab) at the MNI. His/Her work will be focused on understanding connectivity in the developing human brain using multi-modal imaging including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Additionally, he/she will use various connectivity measures to understand the origin and etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). He/she will design the necessary research methodology and computational modelling of the changing brain structure and function in normal development and neurodevelopmental disorders. He/she will work with collaborative teams on the multidisciplinary aspects of the research projects and will further analyze the data, write drafts of manuscripts, and contribute to the writing of grants. The candidate will also participate in the supervision of full-time technician(s) and of graduate and summer trainees, if required.

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