Research Assistant (Bioinformatics under Dr. Ziv Gan-Or)


Published: 16Jun2020

Specific duties include:

Design, build, and manage MySQL and CouchDB databases, including a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) database, for members of the PI laboratory and other projects/collaborators.

Develop and implement web-based interfaces (php, perl-CGI) of these databases, integrate user requirements in terms of on-line queries and analytical tools.

Setup and maintenance of a web server to host databases and their web interfaces

Reception and management of High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) files. Assuring integrity, quality control, archiving, security and proper flow of incoming data.

Primary production of results for HTS projects of PI, other MNI labs and collaborators. Includes management of sufficient compute resources, checking results integrity and quality, generation of statistical reports, timely communicating analysis results to researchers.

Assist the supervisor, MNI lab members and collaborators for any of their specific HTS analytical needs: can take the form of developing scripts or software for specific needs, identifying and deploying existing software tools, or developing new analytical methods to meet project-specific needs.

Continuing development, implementation and expansion of HTS bioinformatics analysis pipelines. Continued development of existing tools; addition of new tools and analysis techniques and practices as they become available from the literature and the bioinformatics community at large.

Participate in bioinformatics meetings and contribute to the definition of priorities and future perspectives/orientations.

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