Requesting Essential Research Activity Access during COVID-19


Published: 17Mar2020

The Quebec government's and McGill's default position is that all non-essential research activities on campus must be postponed or halted in the short term as of Thursday March 19, 11pm.

All activities/experiments that are not time-sensitive and/or that would not result in significant data loss should be postponed for the duration of the University’s closure.

No new experiments should be started, and there should not be any orders for new animals.

Unless otherwise notified, employees and trainees are to work remotely whenever possible for the duration of the two-week University’s closure. 

To request an exemption to maintain continued access to your labs or animal facilities during the two-week suspension, PIs at The Neuro must submit a formal email request to:

  • Stefano Stifani (stefano.stifani [at] (subject: Research%20Exemption%20Request)
  • Alyson Fournier (alyson.fournier [at] (subject: Research%20Exemption%20Request) ) with cc to
  • communications.neuro [at] (subject: Research%20Exemption%20Request)

Using the subject line “Research Exemption Request”, and include the following details:

  1. Reason(s) why labs need to be accessed to ensure uninterrupted ongoing experiments
  2. Explanation of task(s) and expertise of individual(s)
  3. Name(s) and ID number(s) of those individual(s) who need access, together with written confirmation (emails will suffice) from them that they are willing to do this
  4. Information concerning the room(s) to be accessed.

If access is granted, where possible, only a single individual should be present in the lab at any given time.

Social distancing within labs must be implemented to the extent possible.

Please consider trainees’ and employees’ personal circumstances and concerns should there be any. We must abide by the University’s HR policies.

For more information contact:

  • Stefano Stifani stefano.stifani [at] 
  • Alyson Fournier alyson.fournier [at]

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