Neuro Research Ramp-up Process and Application form


Published: 15May2020

Directives for Research Ramp-up at The Neuro

Restart of research activities at The Neuro will follow the McGill University on-campus research phase-in directives and the guidelines on preventing spread of COVID-19.

Neuro Principal Investigators are expected to be familiar with, and abide by all university directives and guidelines to plan a safe and gradual return to work.

Please see additional Neuro – specific directives below.


Additional directives at The Neuro


Gradual Research Ramp-up

  • Restart of research activities will begin on 25 May 2020.
  • Phases
    • Research ramp-up will occur in “phases”, with a gradual return of research teams (see attached “phases neuro research” doc for details).
    • The start and length of each ramping-up phase will be reviewed during the return to research process, and changes may be introduced depending on how conditions evolve.
  • The ramping-up process can be halted at any time, and an immediate ramp-down mandated, if public health and workplace safety cannot be guaranteed and the situation worsens.
    • If ramping-down is mandated, the heads of different Neuro research centres/units/core platforms/labs (‘Neuro PIs’) will be expected to submit a detailed ramp-down plan. Only research staff included in ramp-down plans will be authorized to enter the building to conduct essential activities.

Please see attachment: Logistics Neuro Research Ramp-up for building access and other important information.

Application for Research Ramp-up

  • No research activity that can be performed remotely will be approved for on-campus operation. Only staff whose tasks require to be present at The Neuro will gradually return to work during the ramping-up process.
  • Neuro PIs will be responsible for submitting applications for research resumption using the attached Application form Neuro Research Ramp-up


Please see attachments:

  1. Phases Neuro Research Ramp-up and
  2. Application form Neuro Research Ramp-up (PDF)
    Application form Neuro Research Ramp-up (DOC)


  • Permissions to resume research will be granted for a limited time (renewable) and may be revoked at any time.
  • As part of the process to grant permission to resume research activities, all staff must be aware of the current guidelines and directives from McGill, the Faculty of Medicine, and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies that are in place to promote safe working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Research staff will be required to log-in their activities by using this online form:


For more information contact: stefano.stifani [at] (Stefano Stifani)

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