Mail Room (Internal mail) & General Stores operations COVID-19


Published: 18Mar2020

Mail Room

Receives all Canada Post packages only and internal mail

Room: RVH - E.372
Dispatch Center Phone:
514 934-1934 Ext. 54000
Dial “4” for Neuro
Leave message only

Operating hours

7 am to 8 pm
Monday to Friday

Delivery Rounds

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, around noon


General Stores

Receives all other courier packages (UPS, FedEx, etc.), including Perishable deliveries | Map of deliveries to The Neuro

Room: 057A
Phone: 514-398-1950

Operating hours

7am to 3pm
Monday to Friday

Delivery Rounds

Monday to Friday,
10 am to 12pm & 1 pm to 3pm

Delivery of non-perishable packages

During the COVID-19 remote work period the Mail Room and General Stores will be doing their regular rounds to deliver mail and packages to each lab/office

  1. If the lab/office is closed, they will try to deliver it on their next round.
    All letters will be left in mailbox outside the lab door or slipped under the door.
  2. Packages. After staff attempts delivery 2 times, they will leave a notice on the door and package will go back to the Mail Room/General Stores to be stored.
  3. Only specific lab individuals who have been approved and cleared by internal process (see Essential Research Activity Access memo) can pick-up package at the General Stores/Mail Room. McGill ID must be shown.
  4. For Mail Room pick-up, the approved lab individual must notify Dispatch Center 15-20 minutes before passing by to make sure there will be somebody at the office. For General Stores, approved lab individual can just show up.

NOTE Facilities will monitor with General Stores/Mail Room the accumulation of packages at their location.
If necessary, Facilities will send an email to the approved lab individuals to pick-up packages.

Delivery of perishable packages

During the COVID-19 remote work period General Stores will be doing their regular daily rounds to deliver mail and packages to each lab/office.

  1. If the lab/office is closed, the staff will bring the package to:
    Room NW123 by 3 pm.
  2. General Stores will email Facilities with the picture of the package label showing all package relevant information.
  3. Facilities will email approved lab individual copying Security, to notify perishable package pick-up in Room NW123.
  4. Please note that Room NW123 does not have a fridge nor freezer.
    Perishable package must be picked up ASAP.
  5. Approved lab individual (see Essential Research Activity Access memo) will request Security to unlock Room NW123 to retrieve the perishable package. Security will keep Room NW123 locked at all times.
  6. Security will request approved lab individual to show McGill ID and to sign Perishable Package Pick-up Log book.


For 3661 University, all packages will be held and stored (as a bundle) at the Mail Room. An authorized staff representative from 3661 will collect it once or twice per week.

Please do not have personal packages sent to The Neuro.

During COVID-19, please limit your orders to the minimum required.

PI/Lab personnel can reach out to Facilities if there are any issues. facilities.neuro [at]

IT Equipment deliveries will be held at General Stores for IT Team to pick-up. Only IT can retrieve these packages.

For delivery, please refer to Liquid nitrogen and CO2 tank delivery memos.


For more information or questions, please contact: communications.neuro [at]

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