Open Science In Conversation: Bringing Equity into the Open


Event poster for "Open Science in Conversation- Bringing Equity Into The Open"

How do Open Science and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) intersect in research? What does EDI look like in an Open Science environment? How do you advocate for yourself and be an effective ally for others?

Join us for a discussion on Open Science, EDI, science communication, virtual communities and more with Dr. Emily Sena, co-founder of Black in Neuro and Danielle Nadin, Black in Neuro community member.

  • Emily Sena is Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open Science and a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. She is a preclinical meta-research scientist, with interests in the validity and utility of laboratory model organisms of human disease, focussed on neurological disorders. She advocates for Open Science and its role in improving reproducibility and translation from bench to bedside, and is also co-convenor of the University of Edinburgh’s staff racial equality network.
  • Danielle Nadin is about to receive her MSc in Neuroscience at McGill University and is Science Strategy Lead at the CIHR Institute for Gender and Health, leading the development of sex and gender-based analysis methods to assist researchers in implementing best practices in their research. As an advocate for EDI in STEM, she co-founded the SciComm Collective, which combines EDI and science communication training for graduate students.

With their diverse experience and perspectives, you can look forward to an enlightening and enriching discussion!

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  • Emily Sena, Editor in Chief, BMJ Open Science, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, co-founder, Black in Neuro
  • Danielle Nadin, Science Strategy Lead, CIHR Institute for Gender and Health, co-founder, SciComm Collective, community member, Black in Neuro

Host: Dylan Roskams-Edris, Open Science Alliance Officer, Tanenbaum Open Science Institute, The Neuro


Open Science has the power to transform research and care, accelerate the discovery of new treatments and cures and ultimately, change lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented level of openness and shifted biomedical research into high gear, with scientists and inventors spontaneously adopting Open Science in a race against time to solve the global crisis.

At The Neuro we are committed to openly sharing data, resources and expertise in order to rapidly bring an end to the suffering caused by neurological disorders. In this webinar series, learn how The Neuro, and other communities around the globe are putting Open Science in action, accelerating discovery to benefit patients and the global society.

Become part of the Open Science revolution. Join Us!

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