Killam Seminar Series presents: Engaging patient partners in research: from grant application to governance


Montreal Neurological Institute De Grandpré Communications Centre, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA

The Killam Seminar Series presents: Engaging patient partners in research: from grant application to governance

Genevieve David

Manager, Patient and Public Partnership Platform

Head, Partnership Lab, Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public, CHUM Research Centre

Abstract: The engagement of patients and citizens within organizations aims to co-construct through processes ranging from ideation to shared decision-making on activities that concern them. Engagement is found in particular in the field of health care, health science education, management and research (David et al, 2021). According to the Montreal Model, the patient is a fully-fledged player in his care thanks to his knowledge and experiences of living with the disease, the trajectories of care and services, and the consequences of the disease on his daily life, his loved ones and his life project (Pomey et al, 2016). Being the first beneficiaries of research and innovations, patients are therefore essential stakeholders. In a context of increased pressure for greater accountability for public spending and results-based management, partnership with patients is an essential approach.

Our team has been working for several years to include patient partners in research. The roles of patient partners are varied and reflect the working dynamics within the teams. In this conference, roles of patient partners will be discussed from grant application to research network governance.
Our work allows us to draw some conclusions in terms of the preparation and implementation of the partnership approach in research. Research teams show better results in terms of partnership when the team shows a willingness to implement the partnership in the organization and an adequate preparation to work in partnership. In addition, support for the organization throughout the project by partnership experts is a key element in the experience of the partnership experience for all stakeholders.

As a global pioneer in the science of patient partnership, the Centre of Excellence for Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP) aims to prepare our society for the future of health.

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Supported by the generosity of the Killam Trusts, the MNI's Killam Seminar Series invites outstanding guest speakers whose research is of interest to the scientific community at the MNI and McGill University.

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