brain tumour

A Brilliant Night raises more than $1M for brain cancer research

31 Oct 2018

The fourth edition of the annual brain cancer fundraiser, A Brilliant Night, has raised a further $1M for research into developing better therapies to combat this terrible disease....

Brain tumour awareness week

Published: 22Oct2018

Providing excellent care and the latest research to help patients...

Cancer probe improves recovery

23 Oct 2018

A fibre-optic probe developed in collaboration with researchers at The Neuro can reduce the risk of the brain cancer returning after surgery....

Life after a brain tumour

23 Oct 2018

Marie-Lise Tremblay, 37, is categorical when she speaks of Dr. Kevin Petrecca, a neurosurgeon at The Neuro and a researcher in its Brain Tumour Research Centre....

Brain cancer fundraiser leads to important discovery

Published: 15Oct2018

Brain cancer begins in stem cells, targeting them may prevent tumour growth...

A Brilliant Night brain cancer fundraiser


Through an educational, emotional and sensorial experience, A BRILLIANT NIGHT’s mission is to educate and raise awareness for brain cancer and the importance of this research at The Neuro. A...

Cancer probe chosen for top science discovery

Published: 19Mar2018

2017 Québec Science Discovery of the Year Award goes to the cancer-detection probe developed by Kevin Petrecca and Frédéric Leblond...

The Neuro’s top brain cancer fundraiser returns

Published: 10Oct2017

A Brilliant Night has donated a total of $1.6 million since 2015...

An infallible hand-held probe to aid cancer surgery

Published: 28Jun2017

Canadian researchers have invented an intraoperative probe that reliably detects multiple types of tumour cells ...


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