Patient Care

“I love that I have a job that brings good into the world”

21 Feb 2022

Dr. Mandy Steiman, clinical psychologist and diagnostician, talks about what drives her work, misconceptions about standardized autism assessments and why empathy is key to her practice

Day in the Life: Meet a rare disease genetic counsellor

16 Feb 2022

The Neuro’s Nancy Anoja gives us a look into her work and motivations, and shares a message for people living with rare neurological diseases

Putting patients at the centre of clinical care

4 Jan 2022

A new platform at The Neuro seeks to make patients active participants in their own care, while also advancing patient-centred research.

Year in review 2021

17 Dec 2021

A brief list of the biggest news stories from The Neuro throughout 2021.

Anne-Louise Lafontaine – NeuroXXceptional clinical pioneer and patient advocate

7 Dec 2021

Dr. Anne Louise Lafontaine is Head of Neurology at the MUHC and Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at The Neuro.

Clinic fills critical gap in autism care

17 Nov 2021

The interdisciplinary ACAR Clinic provides continuity of care to patients of all ages

Recognizing radiology

8 Nov 2021

At The Neuro, radiological professionals along with the rest of the medical imaging team help diagnose and treat neurological disorders.

Gold-standard training for a gold-standard tool

3 Nov 2021

The ACAR Clinic at The Neuro offers its first Introductory Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised workshop to improve skills of diagnosing practitioners

OT Month Feature: Beth Robertson

27 Oct 2021

At The Neuro, OTs like Beth Robertson help patients recover from and adapt to their neurological conditions.


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