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3X the Canadian averageResearchers' CIHR grant success rate
200+ peer reviewed articles each yearHighest publication impact for neurosciences in Canada


Research groups

Brain Tumour

The Brain Tumour Research Centre is directly integrated with The Neuro, enabling interactions and collaborations with molecular, cellular, and developmental neuroscientists and research groups.

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Cognitive Neuroscience

The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group aims to understand the function and dysfunction of neural systems that control cognition and behavior.

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The Epilepsy Research Group investigates new diagnostic techniques for epilepsy, which also provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of how epilepsy is generated and evolves.

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Neural Circuits

The Neural Circuits group is a multidisciplinary unit whose investigators strive to understand the brain in terms of its function, development, plasticity, and possible mechanisms for its repair.

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Neurodegenerative Disorders

The Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Group is committed to advancing our understanding of the biological underpinnings of neurodegenerative disease in order to treat these debilitating disorders.

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Neurodevelopmental Disorders

The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Group works to develop our understanding of the developmental mechanisms, both genetic and environmental, that are required to wire up the healthy brain, and how these might be derailed in disease.

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Neuroimaging & Neuroinformatics

The Neuroimaging & Neuroinformatics research group at The Neuro regroups researchers interested in developing, advancing and using multimodal brain imaging methods and computational techniques.

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Neuroimmunological Diseases

The focus of the Neuroimmunological Diseases group is to understand how the immune system contributes to tissue injury and repair in diseases of the nervous system and how these features can be translated into therapy.

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Rare Neurological Diseases

The Rare Neurological Diseases Group is focused on the study of rare neurological diseases defined as having a prevalence of less than 1:2000.

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Research profile

$ 30+ million total fundingGrants and contracts per year
50+research teams
72principal investigators
$245 million over 5 yearsgrant operation and infrastructure support

Research core facilities

McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC)

The mission of the BIC is to understand the structure and function of the brain, in health and disease, through the development of novel neuroscience approaches and neuroimaging methods, and thereby facilitate translation into clinical care.

BIC website 

Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre

The globalization of safe neurosurgery through simulation.

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Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Facility

The Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Facility is specifically designed to enable researchers and staff to work safely with radioactive materials.

Facility website

Centre for Neurological Disease Models

The Centre for Neurological Disease Models (CNDM) supports the responsible use of animals in research for the benefit of both humans and animals. The use of animals for scientific and technical education is supported when no acceptable alternatives exist

CNDM website 

Clinical Biological Imaging and Genetic Repository (C-BIG Repository) 

The C-BIG Repository is an Open Science collection of biological samples, clinical information, imaging, and genetic data from patients with neurological disease and from healthy control subjects.

C-BIG Repository website 

Early Drug Discovery Unit (EDDU)

The unit has expertise in neuronal differentiation and CRISPR genome editing, the platform strives to work with academic and industry users via Open Science.


Microscopic Cellular Imaging Centre

Offers microscopic imaging equipment for researchers at The Neuro.

Microscopic Cellular Imaging website 



Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Programs:

  • Open Science
  • Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health
  • The Sandra and Alain Bouchard Intellectual Disability Research Program (BIDRP)
  • NeuroEngineering Program
  • The Neurophotonics Centre
  • Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music (CRBLM)



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