Awards and Distinctions


The exceptional quality of our faculty, staff, and students creates a vibrant environment for research, clinical and teaching activities.
Many honours and awards have been bestowed on our faculty and staff in recognition of their outstanding work.

Please click on the awards below for more information. (+deceased) 


Great Montrealers

William Feindel+

Brenda Milner

James McGill Professors

Douglas Arnold

Alan Evans

Peter McPherson

Michael Petrides

Eric Shoubridge

Wayne Sossin

Stefano Stifani

Robert Zatorre

William Dawson Scholars

Amit Bar-Or


Guy Rouleau, Wilder Penfield Chair in Neurosciences

Abbas Sadikot, W.V. Cone Chair in Neurosurgery

Kevin Petrecca, William Feindel Chair in Neuro-Oncology

Brenda Milner, Dorothy J. Killam Professor in Neuropsychology

Eric Shoubridge, Izaak Walton Killam Chair in Neurology

TBA, Killam Professor


Order of Québec

William Feindel, GOQ+

George Karpati, OQ+

Brenda Milner, GOQ

Frederick Andermann, OQ 

Guy Rouleau, OQ

FRQS Scholars

National Scholars

Andrea Bernasconi

Edward Fon

Neda Ladbon Bernasconi 

Chris Pack 

Simon Ducharme 

Senior Scholars

Sylvain Baillet

Prix du Québec Wilder Penfield

Brenda Milner (1993)

Frederick Andermann (2003)

George Karpati+ (2006)

Guy Rouleau (2012)

Alan Evans (2016)

Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec

Prix d’excellence en innovations des soins de santé (2016)
Donatella Tampieri


Order of Canada

Frederick Andermann, OC

Donald Baxter, OC+

Gilles Bertrand, OC

William Feindel, OC+

George Karpati, OC+

Brenda Milner, CC

Royal Society of Canada

Brenda Milner (1975)

George Karpati+ (1999)

Daniel Guitton (2004)

Eric Shoubridge (2004)

Barbara Jones (2010)

Frederick Andermann (2011)

Michael Petrides (2011)

Peter McPherson (2014)

Alan Evans (2015)

Guy Rouleau (2016)

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

William Feindel+

Herbert Jasper+

Brenda Milner

Wilder Penfield+

Canada Research Chairs

Tier 1

Heidi McBride

Guy Rouleau

Phil Barker

Tier 2

Jean-François Cloutier

Alyson Fournier

Christopher Pack

Edward Ruthazer

Amir Shmuel

Margolese Prize

Guy Rouleau (2012)

Alan Evans (2014)

Killam Prize (Canada Council of the arts)

Brenda Milner (1983)


Royal Society of London

Brenda Milner

Michael Petrides

National Academy of Sciences (USA)

Brenda Milner (Foreign Associate)

American Academy of Arts and Science

Brenda Milner

Michael Petrides

Alfred P. Sloan

Peter McPherson (1995-1997)

Christopher Pack (2006-2008)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Scholar

Eric Shoubridge (2002 – 2012)

Kavli Prize

Brenda Milner (2014)

Dan David Prize

Brenda Milner (2014)

Balzan Prize

Brenda Milner (2009)

Gairdner Foundation International Award in Health Research

Brenda Milner (2005)

American Society for Clinical Investigation

Edward Fon 

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