Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does this upgrade affect me?

This upgrade affects all users of the Wired and Wireless network. However, since each building will receive the upgrade at different points over the next few years, not all users will be affected at the same time. In addition to this,  within a single building, depending on its size, upgrade activities may take place by area or floor during the scheduled work, thus affecting occupants at different times.   

You may experience service interruptions during "migration windows" - the time period when the old network infrastructure is updated to the new technology. Note that the migration windows will be scheduled outside of standard business hours in order to minimize impact on building occupants. 

Several significant benefits of the upgrade are indicated on the About page.

Do I need to do anything during the migration?

Yes! We need your help in ensuring that the migration goes smoothly and successfully.

Once you know when your building will be migrated, please do the following: 

  • Log off the night prior to the migration, and do not shut down (power off) your computer or device. This will allow us to validate that your computer or device is reconnected properly to the network after migration.  

  • Be sure to save any work prior to logging off.

Once a building is scheduled for a migration, communications will be released to occupants indicating when and how they will be impacted

Do I need to do anything after the migration?

Your work environment and the way you connect to the network will remain unchanged. If you experience issues post migration, please contact your LAN admin. If you do not have a LAN admin or do not know who your LAN admin is, please submit a request for assistance via our Contact us page.

My building received the migration and I don't have network access. What should I do?

Please contact your LAN admin. If you do not have a LAN admin or do not know who your LAN admin is, please submit a request for assistance via our Contact us page.

How are buildings prioritized to receive the Wired and Wireless migration?

Residences were chosen as the first buildings to receive the Wired and Wireless migration because of their poor Wireless connectivity: a high number of Wireless access issues had been reported in these buildings. The migration was scheduled over the summer in order to minimize impact to users, since occupancy rates in residences are lowest during the summer months. Now that the residences are complete, the migrations will continue for the next several years, beginning with the North-West district of the downtown campus in October 2017.

The schedule will proceed as follows: 

  • North-West District
  • North-East District
  • South-East District
  • South-West District
  • MacDonald campus
  • Gault Estate
  • Off Campus (includes 5100 De Maisonneuve, 5858 Cote des Neiges, Newman Center)

In general, the upgrade schedule aims to: 

  • Address areas with poor Wireless access earlier (based on Service Desk tickets)
  • Proceed efficiently and cost-effectively in upgrading district by district 

Map of McGill districts: North-West District, North-East District, South-West District, South-East District


How will the new Information Security standards affect me? 

The new IT Security infrastructure will be integrated in conjunction with the Network infrastructure upgrades. This change will be coordinated in order to minimize impact to the community, and will not affect network connectivity. Following implementation, the enhanced IT security features will enable us to better protect the McGill community against cyber threats.

The Project Team, in collaboration with LAN Administrators across McGill, is working to improve the way you connect and access the McGill network.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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