Peer Pathways Program

Peer Pathways Program

Welcome to the Peer Pathways Program!

The Peer Pathways Program is designed to provide students with peer-to-peer mentoring and support through the process of identifying your goals and creating an IDP. The program uses the myPath video series to offer a flipped classroom approach so participants can maximize discussion time in the group sessions. See the Program Outline below for a breakdown of the topics that will be covered each session.

The discussions are facilitated by myPath Peer Facilitators (current graduate students employed and trained by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) -check out our video introduction to current and past facilitators.

The general guideline of Peer Pathways Program is Observe – Enact – Share:

  • Observe: You will independently watch the specified required videos for the week.
  • Enact: You will independently complete any required exercises as you watch the videos.
  • Share: You will attend a group session to discuss your experience working through the materials.


Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 academic year.



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