Academic Milestones

Academic Milestones are major achievements associated with successful completion of your graduate degree. It is important to keep these goals and objectives in mind as you plan your activities. You can use myPath to help you plan your academic goals. To track and monitor progress towards your degree, and view your personalized due dates, log in to your myProgress account at

Courses, Internships, & Languages: myProgress provides access to a list of your mandatory course requirements, and the ability to view progress towards completion of courses, internships and languages.

Exams & Committee Meetings: Annual progress tracking is mandatory for all students in Doctoral programs, and required in some Master’s programs. In myProgress you can view when your progress tracking meetings are due, receive reminders about upcoming meetings, and upload documents associated with progress tracking.

Presentations & Papers: Additional requirements for your program that may not be captured in a course format (including presentations, seminars and papers), will be listed in myProgress. Any supporting documents necessary for successfully completing these milestones can be included in your myProgress hub.