IT Security improvement for all ICS-managed laptops starting on Monday, January 17, 2022


Published: 13Jan2022

All ICS-managed Windows laptops will receive an important IT Security update starting on Monday, January 17, 2022. IT Services will deploy Cisco Umbrella to ICS-managed Windows laptop computers to further promote the safety and security of our computing environment and devices.  

What is Cisco Umbrella?  

Cisco Umbrella (also known as Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client) is a cloud-delivered security service that protects against threats on the Internet such as malware, phishing, and ransomware.   

How Cisco Umbrella works 

When users of ICS-managed laptops are outside of the McGill network and access a malicious website, Cisco Umbrella will block access to the site.  A  message will then be displayed, notifying that the site is blocked, along with instructions to close all browser windows.  

Malicious websites contain harmful links that can compromise your personal information, as well as McGill’s data and systems if clicked. Cisco Umbrella helps mitigate this risk by preventing access to these sites.  

Cisco Umbrella deployment and where to get help 

You should not experience any disruption to your system when Cisco Umbrella is deployed. 

If you believe that a legitimate website has been blocked in error, or for any other issues related to Cisco Umbrella, please contact the IT Service Desk.  

Additional information  

Find out more about Cisco Umbrella, and other ways your work computer is protected, in the service description Endpoint protection for work computers.  

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