Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Congratulations to the Lunch for 2 at Lola Rosa contest winners!


Published: 8Dec2021

Congratulations to Emily Duong and Ivette Rodrigo, the two lucky winners of the Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 contest! Each has won lunch for 2 at Lola Rosa.  

252 students and staff participated in the contest by completing our cybersecurity awareness quiz, with 84% earning the minimum score to be entered in the draw for the prizes.  Thank you to all who entered! 

Which questions gave people the most trouble?   

Which apps are safe to use for storing personal information at McGill? Choose all that apply. 

(Answer: OneDrive for Business) 

a. Google Drive for Enterprise 

b. Dropbox 

c. OneDrive for Business 

Tip: Check out the Cloud Services webpage where you can find a list of approved and rejected cloud services. The approved cloud services are safe to use. 

Want to keep learning? You can always find the answers to the quiz and more in our IT Security Awareness training – open to all at McGill.    


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