climate change

An ecological rule breaker shows the effects of climate change on body size evolution

Published: 29Nov2022

Does evolution follow certain rules? Can these rules be predicted? Southeast Asia’s tree shrews break multiple rules when it comes to body size variation – with an unexpected twist – according to...

Sea level rise: rapid and unstoppable unless Paris Agreement targets met

Published: 16Sep2022

Image Caption: The Mackenzie River Delta on the Beaufort Sea, a low-lying region in the Canadian Arctic that is vulnerable to rising seas in a warming climate. CREDIT: Nadia and Harold Gomez

Greenland’s Indigenous population favours extracting and exporting sand from melting ice sheet

Published: 18Aug2022

A national survey of close to 1000 adults in Greenland (where approximately 90% of the population is Indigenous) conducted by a McGill University-led research team has found that a surprisingly...

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