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Great Ideas Pipeline

The Great Ideas Pipeline

Calls for your great ideas TODAY

Topic: Co-creating Our New Normal in a Hybrid Work Environment

How to share your idea | Idea submission form 

Great Ideas Pipeline...To a New Normal

Thank you for taking the time to share your great ideas with us, as we transition back to campus and explore the new world of “Hybrid Work”.

We look forward to hearing your great ideas on these important topics, as we strive to co-create our new normal and make McGill an even healthier workplace for all.

We welcome all great ideas -- big or small – that will help inform our reintegration into the workplace and shape our new normal. Please focus on concrete ideas that are realistic, constructive, and timely.

How to share your idea

Please sign in and use the form below to share your idea including how it would work, the resources likely required, and the benefits it could confer for staff and for the University at large.

Eligible ideas will demonstrably touch on one (or more!) of the following benefits:

  • Improves Engagement, Health and Learning for employees
    Improves McGill as an engaging, healthy workplace and learning environment for employees. 
  • Reinforces Physical and/or Psychological Safety
    Reinforces a sense of physical and/or psychological safety, foundational to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Supports Performance and Productivity
    Supports performance and productivity effectively as we adapt to a hybrid work environment (individual, team and/or across units and faculties).
  • Enhances use of Technologies
    Makes great use of technologies to enhance the employee, team and/or client experience.
  • Supports Individual/Team Development
    Supports individual and/or team learning and development, adapted to the needs of this new reality.
  • Strengthens Community
    Reinforces a sense of connection and community for staff.

Ideas will merit consideration if they:

  • Concretely address the needs and opportunities at hand.
  • Focus primarily on realistic and constructive solutions within scope, rather than being a source of complaint, blame or offloading of workload onto others.
  • Are deemed feasible in the current context (resources, time, budget…).
  • Have been adequately developed/considered.
  • Are new ideas (not resembling a very similar idea already examined over the last 2 years)

Idea Submission Form

Please sign in and provide thorough, detailed information in the form below. Proposals that contain clear plans, plain language and fact-based projections are likely to receive greater consideration.

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