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Great Ideas Pipeline

How to share your idea | Idea submission form 

How to share your idea

Thanks for taking the time to share your great ideas with us. Please sign in and use the form below to tell us all about your idea, how it might work, the resources it might require, and the benefits it might confer.

We're looking for any great idea -- big or small -- that's concrete, constructive, and well-thought-out.

Eligible ideas will demonstrably provide one or more of the following benefits:

  • Improve McGill as a healthy workplace and learning environment;
  • Increase productivity or reduce waste (e.g. funds, time, re-work, etc.);
  • Help employees work more efficiently across teams;
  • Encourage employee networking or development; and/or
  • Generate new net revenues (excluding student fees, which are heavily regulated)

Ideas will not be considered if they:

  • Focus primarily on complaints, blame, or the offloading of work onto others, rather than on constructive solutions;
  • Are plainly unfeasible/uneconomical;
  • Haven't been properly thought through; and/or
  • Have already been submitted within the preceding two years.

Idea Submission Form

Please sign in and provide thorough, detailed information in the form below. Proposals that contain clear plans, plain language and fact-based projections are likely to receive greater consideration.

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