Working in Diverse Teams - Offered by the Equity and Diversity Team


Offered by the Equity Team, Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic (OPVPA)


What are the benefits to working within a diverse team? Keeping equity in mind, how can one best onboard employees to set them up for success working in the McGill context, notably, with an eye to equity? What are microaggressions, how do they impact a workplace? What steps can be taken to improve our workplace climate for all employees? This workshop engages with each of these questions, which are germane to all of us working at McGill with colleagues of diverse identities, experiences, and backgrounds.

At end of this workshop, staff will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of working as part of a diverse team
  • Onboard new employees in a way that incorporates best practices related to equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Understand microaggressions and their impact
  • Apply strategies learned in the workshop to address microaggressions and improve workplace climate in their respective local workplace contexts

Related psychosocial factors: organizational culture, civility & respect, psychological competencies & requirements, growth & development, involvement & influence, engagement, balance, psychological protection


To register:

1. Click here to access Minerva.

2. In the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Organizational Development, and follow the instructions to register.

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