Boundary Bootcamp

Monday, August 15, 2022 14:00to15:15

The most compassionate people are often the most boundaried." Brené Brown

The notion of setting, maintaining and/or respecting boundaries can often feel daunting and the reality is that many of us are not living a boundaried life. Yet, boundaries are so important not only for our relationships but our healing journey. This session will be a deep-dive into the art of boundary setting. Learn how to clarify your boundaries (especially crucial in these Covid times), how to ask clearly for what you want with an open heart, and how to approach and negotiate boundary agreements in your life that will actually stick.

After this session you will have:

  • A better understanding of what boundaries are and why you need them
  • Practical examples of boundary setting
  • The steps to effectively set and maintain boundaries
  • Increased confidence and courage to set the boundaries that are important to you

To register:

  1. Access Minerva.
  2. In the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Organizational Development, and follow the instructions to register.
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