My Sustainable Workplace

My Sustainable Workplace encourages managers and teams to manage effectively today, and build capacity for a sustainable future (talent management, succession, knowledge transfer, environmental considerations). For more information on My Sustainable Workplace contact ross.mcdonald [at]

My Sustainable Workplace

Members of My Sustainable Workplace

Current members as of December 2020

Name  Title and Area 
matthew.bacz [at] (Matthew Bacz) IT Tech. Training Dev., IT Training and Communications
gregory.bell [at] (Gregory Bell) Technician, Faculty of Science
martine.dolmiere [at] (Martine Dolmière) Internships and Field Studies Officer, Faculty of Science
allison.duff [at] (Allison Duff) Administrative Officer, Enrolment Services
sandrine.donkpegan [at] (Sandrine Hoindo-Donkpegan) Human Resources and Finance Officer, Teaching and Learning Services
ross.mcdonald [at] (Ross McDonald (Lead) ) OD Consultant, Human Resources
nidhi.puri [at] (Nidhi Puri) Program Officer, Faculty of Management
phil.riopel [at] (Phil Riopel) Internal Auditor, Internal Audit Department
shona.watt [at] (Shona Watt) Sustainability Officer & Projects Fund Administrator, FMAS


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