My Service-Oriented Workplace

My Service-Oriented Workplace promotes a practical and positive service approach with stakeholders across the University (clients, partners, end-users), aligned with the Mission and culture of our McGill communities. Sharing of best practices, including involving stakeholders at strategic points in our respective programs and services (e.g. planning, knowledge transfer, assessment…). For more information on My Service Oriented Workplace contact jessica.scittarelli [at]

Members of My Service-Oriented Workplace

Current members as of December 2020

Name  Title and Area
nada.abu-merhy [at] (Nada Abu-Merhy ) Student Advisor
christopher.bender2 [at] (Chris Bender) Supervisor - Facilities Call Center, FMAS
jane.hawes [at] (Jane Hawes-Russell) Student Advisor/Assistant to the Director, Advising Services Science Office 
giovanni.martuccio [at] (Johny Martuccio ) Manager Student Records Registration & Accounts, School of Continuous Studies
denis.mondou [at] (Denis Mondou ) Director of Utilities and Energy Management, Utilities and Energy Management 
ryan.ortiz [at] (Ryan Ortiz) Director ICS, IT Customer Service
anna.pietromonaco [at] (Anna Pietromonaco) Financial Administrator, Faculty of Medicine 
jessica.scittarelli [at] (Jessica Scittarelli) Talent Management Advisor, Human Resources 


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