My Quality Workplace

My Quality Workplace promotes practices that are effective, and grounded in measures that are relevant, timely and meaningful. The focus is on the process of improvement and efficiencies in the workplace. For more information on My Quality Workplace contact johanne.houle [at]

Presentation to Yves, December 2019

Members of My Quality Workplace 

Current members as of December 2020

Name  Title
SEBASTIEN.BOISVERT [at] MCGILL.CA (Sebastien Boisvert) Portfolio Manager, FMAS - IT
KATIE.COOK [at] MCGILL.CA (Kate Cook) Associate Director, Priorities & Human Resources, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) 
johanne.houle [at] (Johanne Houle ) Director of Organizational Development, Human Resources 
JARROD.NICHOL [at] MCGILL.CA (Jarrod Nichol ) Lean Thinking Administrator, Medicine
LORRIE.QUIGG [at] MCGILL.CA (Loraine Quigg) Business Development Associate, Desautels Faculty Management 
LYSIANNE.SEVIGNY [at] MCGILL.CA (Lysianne Sevigny) Assistant to the Vice-Principal, Office of the Vice-Principal of Administration and Finance 


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