What should I bring with me to my tutorial appointment?
See Your tutorial.

What happens during a tutorial?
Tutors will review your work and provide feedback on sections or issues that you would like to work on.  Common issues include crafting unified paragraphs, organizing ideas in logical sequence, developing a line of argument, adopting the appropriate tone, and enhancing clarity by choosing words and phrases that best convey your intended meaning. Tutors will also help you identify and eliminate common grammatical and structural errors.

Who are McGill Writing Centre tutors?
Tutors are Master's and PhD students in a variety of disciplines at McGill with a strong background in teaching and/or tutoring writing. Some tutors are also professional educators who have years of experience teaching academic and professional writing.

Where should I go if I require proofreading and/or help with specific content writing?
Proofreading and content assistance is available for a fee through the Tutorial Service run by McGill Student Services. In addition, other McGill organizations offer tutoring in various subject areas:



For further information about the Tutorial Service, please contact the Coordinator at mwctutorial [at] mcgill.ca.


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