Make an appointment with the Tutorial Service




You will need to register online—one time only—with your McGill e-mail address and a password of your choosing.

You will then be asked to fill out a brief profile section. When you are setting up your profile, please be sure to select the GMT-5 time zone; otherwise, your appointment will appear in the wrong time slot. We cannot "replace" time lost due to an incorrect time zone setting.

Pale blue on the schedule indicates that a slot has been reserved by another student. If the time slot you want is booked, check back later for cancellations.

In order to ensure that all students have reasonable access to the tutorial service, you may book a maximum of 7 hours of appointments per semester (any combination of 30-minute and 60-minute appointments). In addition, you are restricted to one hour of tutoring per day.

Again, please ensure that you select the GMT-5 time zone when setting up your profile.

Cancellation policy

Appointments must be cancelled online at least 24 hours in advance, as last minute cancellations prevent other students from using the service.

If you do not cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will not be able to use the tutorial service until the following semester. If you fail to attend your appointment more than once, you will not be able to use the tutorial service until the following semester.

Your tutorial

Bring with you any writing that you have done so far, as well as any relevant assignment instructions or guidelines. You should have specific questions in mind and a clear idea of what you would like to work on.

Note: You must also bring your McGill ID card with you to every session.


Downtown Campus: McLennan-Redpath Library, Main Floor, Room 07A, Room 07B, or Room 07C.


For further information about the Tutorial Service, please contact the Coordinator at mwctutorial [at]