Non-Thesis Papers

Non-Thesis Papers

The 2 non-thesis papers allow candidates to develop skills in research, criticism and academic writing in 2 projects that normally will be of smaller scope than a Master's thesis but larger and/or more professional than a seminar paper.

Topics may be developed from previous seminar work or from a special project, in which case the seminar instructor will normally be the paper advisor. The major paper should clearly demonstrate a significant advance in argument and/or scope of research beyond the output achieved in the seminar. Limited development of the work beyond seminar research is sufficient ground to request revision or assign a failing grade.

Anticipated possibilities for future use of research papers include publication, conference papers, and dossiers for grant applications and/or further graduate study.

Length of paper: 25-35 pages.


Beginning of final semester: Your Supervisor must submit the name of the second reader to Graduate Studies.

Graduation date

Apply to graduate (Minerva)

Initial submission Supervisor/second reader evaluation submitted to Graduate Studies



Winter November 1 December 1 Within 2 weeks January 1
Spring February 1 April 1 Within 2 weeks May 1
Fall March 1 August 1 Within 2 weeks September 1


If the papers are delayed, fees for the subsequent semester will be charged and graduation delayed.

Other resources:

Tools for writing and research (including the Schulich School of Music style sheet)

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