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Graduation and Convocation


Information pertaining to the convocation ceremonies can be obtained from the McGill Secretariat website.

It is essential that all students in their graduating term access Minerva to flag themselves for graduation.

  • Select 'Apply for Graduation for Your Primary Curriculum (1st degree)'.
  • Complete your application by verifying and then submitting the selections shown on your record.

Failure to do so may result in the postponement of a student's graduation.

  • Graduation term of Fall 2013 if all courses are completed and graded by December 2013.
  • Graduation term of Winter 2014 if all courses are completed and graded by April 2014.
  • Graduation term of Summer 2014 if all courses are completed and graded by August 2014.

Students who are taking course(s) or have taken courses at another institution are responsible to send an official transcript directly to the Music Student Affairs Office no later than:

  • April 30th for Winter term graduation
  • August 31st for Summer term graduation
  • January 15th for Fall term graduation

N.B.: Only courses with a grade of 'C' or better will be transferred (C-, P or S are not acceptable).

Students in their graduating year should meet with the School Student Advisor to make sure that degree requirements are met.

While Departmental and School advisors and staff are available to give advice, the ultimate responsibility for course selection, registration and degree requirements rests with the student.