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Tuition and Practical Instruction Fees


Fees are assessed on a term by term basis. Electronic Billing (e-Billing) is the official means of delivering fee statements to all McGill University students. All charges to the student's account, including tuition fees, health insurance and other miscellaneous charges are on your e-Bill. E-Bills are generally produced in the first few days of the month, and can be accessed through Minerva. A notification will be sent to your McGill e-mail once the e-Bill is ready to be viewed.   Please visit Student Accounts for a detail list of undergraduate fees breakdown.

As a Music Student, in addition to tuition and other administrative fees, you will also be charged separately for music private lessons (practical instructions). Details on Schulich School of Music fees can be found here


To avoid late registration or course change fees, we strongly recommend that you register for the right courses before the assigned deadlines.


Please regularly verify your student account balance via Minerva