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McGill Jazz Rhythm Ensembles I & II

15 Feb 2016 20:00

Guillaume Pilote, director, I

Bill Mahar, director, II


Piano Tuesdays

16 Feb 2016 15:30

String Area Concert

17 Feb 2016 18:00

Cappella Antica with the McGill Baroque Orchestra

17 Feb 2016 19:30

Valerie Kinslow, artistic director (Cappella Antica)

Hank Knox, artistic director (Baroque orchestra)

McGill Jazz Orchestra I: Joe Sullivan, director

17 Feb 2016 19:30

Box Office: Tickets are available online or through our Box Office (in person or by phone: 514-398-4547) between 12:00pm and 6:00pm.

Agora Symphony Orchestra

17 Feb 2016 19:30

Research Alive: Revealing the perceptual mysteries behind orchestration practice

18 Feb 2016 17:00

A pre-concert interactive lecture of the McGill Wind Symphony concert led by Alain Cazes that is part of the Research Alive series.  

"Research Alive:  Unveiling what makes music so magical in the ears and minds of the listener through live performance and dialogue between researchers and musicians."


McGill Wind Symphony: artistic director, Alain Cazes

18 Feb 2016 19:30

Catherine Thornhill Steele guest artist: Peter Sullivan, trombone

John Mackey - Asphalt cocktail

Yo Goto - Fêtes lointaines

Brian Cherney - In the stillness between

Jason Noble - Trombone Concerto

Frank Ticheli - Symphony No. 2


A pre-concert lecture will take place at 6pm: Stephen McAdams and Alain Cazes, Revealing the perceptual mysteries behind orchestration practice


CIRMMT RA 4 Concert presents Very Long Cat

18 Feb 2016 19:30

CIRMMT RA4 presents Very Long Cat Network music ensemble David Ogborn, live coding  Shawn Mativetsky, tabla

Robert Hasegawa, coordinator

Noon-Hour Organ Recital: Michael Dierks, organ

19 Feb 2016 12:30

Hans-Ola Ericsson, coordonnateur

Doctoral Colloquium (Music): Jeremy Cox

19 Feb 2016 16:30

The Doctoral Colloquium is open to all.  

Registration (Doctoral students)

Doctoral students (Music) for whom attendance is required must sign the attendance sheet at the colloquium.


Jeremy Cox: Poulenc's music for winds and songs