LASSE THORESEN, Daniel Langlois Foundation Composer, Researcher and Lecturer at the Schulich School of Music for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015


Lasse Thoresen is internationally regarded as one of the most accomplished composers of our time, having won some of the most prestigious prizes. His compositional work is informed by his very extensive knowledge of the classical and contemporary repertoire, his deep understanding of sonology and music cognition, as well as his intensive research in the fields of micro- and just-intonation in the context of various traditions of folk music.

Thoresen will be associated with the Schulich School of Music for several projects:

FALL 2013:
-Graduate Seminar on AURAL SONOLOGY

WINTER 2014:
-MICROTONAL COMPOSITION PROJECT: research, applications, and composition with selected students in composition, theory, and performance
(in collaboration with Profs. Denys Bouliane, John Wild, and Stephen McAdams)
-Lectures/Workshop on Microtonal Composition
-Composition Masterclasses

FALL 2014
-Collaboration with a Seminar on Microtonality by Prof. Jon Wild
-Composition Masterclasses
-New microtonal compositions supervision

WINTER 2015:
-Participation in a Microtonal Composition Symposium (Lectures and Concerts)

Contact Information

Prof. Denys Bouliane - Project Coordinator
Schulich School of Music
denys.bouliane [at]