Congratulations to the winners of the Nikki Yanofsky Audio Technica Prize!


Diego Espinosa Cruz Gonzalez (DMus, Percussion) and José Luís Aguirre Galindo (MMus, Sound Recording) have won $10,000 for the realization of a collaborative recording project involving the innovative artistic use of music technology.

Their project, entitled Nouvelle 5.1-Sound Performance, will be a documentation on DVD in video and surround-sound audio of world premieres of six new works for multi-percussion and live electronics. The composers of the works come from Serbia, the Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico, and the works include a wide variety of innovative musical techniques, including: sounds projected onto a metallic structure; a mural of ceramic tiles and duct tape that is scratched with metal spoons creating a polyphonic texture; and amplified teeth, skull, and voice for a seven-layer rhythmic counterpoint performed by a single person.