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Students of Schulich

Interested in studying music at Schulich but you have so many questions? You’re not alone! 

Let us help you get to know us better. Our experienced Schulich Student Ambassadors – from Canada and abroad – are here to give you an inside look into the student experience and answer all your questions. Pick a Students of Schulich. My Story. session that suits your interests and sign up! 



photo of young man smiling at the camera outdoorsMeet Mark
My Story: October 9, 7:00pm EST 

Hi everyone! My name is Mark Walsh, I am from New Jersey, and I am a fourth year (U4) student at McGill. I am pursuing two bachelor's degrees: a B.Sc. in Statistics and Computer Science, a B.Mus. in Trumpet, and a minor in management. After graduation, I hope to become an actuary. At McGill, I have been involved with student government. I was a member of McGill’s First Year Council (FYC) and Fall Reading Week Committee. As part of FYC, I helped organize fun events for first year students to get to know one another. As for the Fall Reading Week Committee, we were successful in advocating for a longer fall break for students and faculty, which will be implemented starting in Fall 2021! Hopefully, if you come to McGill, you will be able to enjoy an extra few days off :) Aside from McGill’s stellar faculty, I love how diverse McGill is; you are guaranteed to meet students from all over the globe! One of my favourite hobbies is running, and McGill’s campus is located in the perfect spot to do just that. Just steps away from campus is Mont-Royal, where students go for runs and hikes. McGill’s proximity to downtown Montreal and Mont-Royal makes McGill’s campus an ideal location to have the best of both worlds: a metropolitan university experience and the ability to escape the city and spend some time in nature.

female student wearing bright orange sweater smiles at cameraMeet Nia & Asha
Our stories: October 17, 12:00pm EST

Meet Nia

Hi! My name is Nia Blankson, and I am a second-year student in the B.Mus Faculty Program for classical piano. I’m planning on adding a composition minor to my degree program starting next year and have many other interests within and outside of music that I can talk about! I was born in London, England, but I grew up in Queens, New York City. I am involved in intramural soccer at McGill and will be joining the McGill Track and Field Club team (McGill Olympic Club) as a sprinter. I love photography and was the main photographer for Music Frosh this year, and work for MUSA (Music Undergraduate Student Association) as well! As for hobbies, I love skiing, skateboarding, embroidery, guitar, bass guitar, and violin. I’m excited to spend the next few years here at Schulich developing as a musician, and I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my experiences about my time at McGill thus far!

 young lady miles while standing in front of flowery hedgeMeet Asha

Hey everyone! My name is Asha! I'm a third-year jazz vocalist in the Bachelor of Music - Faculty Program from Ottawa, Ontario. I have a BA in French Translation from McGill and have just celebrated a decade of living in the great city of MontrealI've loved the flexibility of the Faculty Program, as it's allowed me to study music from all angles. I've had the opportunity to take classes from both the jazz and classical sphere and am currently cross-training in both contemporary and Western classical vocal techniques. I'll be talking a bit about the courses that have really helped me (both music and non-music), and some of the extracurricular activities and clubs that I've joined. I'll also cover living and working in Montreal, for those that are interested. Come learn how the McGill experience can really help you step out of your comfort zone, try new things and learn new skills.

female student holding bass instrument smiles at cameraMeet Camille
My Story: October 20, 7:00pm EST

Hello! I’m Camille Shiu, a current third-year student and classical bassist at McGill in the Concurrent Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education program, from the Bay Area in sunny California! At McGill, I’m also involved in our Music Education Undergraduate Students’ Association (MEDUSA) as a VP of Professional Development, hosting workshops and professional development opportunities for our students. In my free time, I love baking and needlecrafts (and knitting hats for cats). In my Students of Schulich presentation, I’ll talk about the music education program, my experience with it, as well as my broader experience at McGill.

student stands next to piano which reflects his imageMeet Evan
My Story: October 27, 7:00pm EST 

Hello! My name is Evan Lindberg and I am a bass-baritone in the second year of my masters in Voice/Opera at the Schulich School of Music. I am originally from Calgary but completed my undergraduate studies at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio. While at Schulich, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be a member of Opera McGill and am currently preparing roles in the upcoming performances of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Handel’s Orlando. I am currently also a member of the Song Interpretation ensemble, taught by Michael McMahon, where singers are paired with pianists for two semesters to focus on the collaborative process and the in-depth study of song repertoire. One of the things I love most about the Schulich School of Music is the incredibly supportive and kind student body, and the numerous ways in which I am able to learn from my peers on a daily basis. In my presentation I hope to talk about Opera McGill, course offerings for Graduate students, performance opportunities, finding community at McGill, and life in Montreal! In my free time I enjoy curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, strolling through Montreal’s botanical gardens, and seeing live theatre! I look forward to meeting you and sharing my experiences as a Graduate student at McGill.

side profile photo of man holding guitarMeet Nick
My Story: November 7, 5:00pm EST 

Hey there! My name is Nick Semenykhin, I am a professional musician and currently a master’s student at McGill majoring in Jazz Performance (guitar concertation). I’ve received my bachelor’s degree at The New School in NYC, where I was fortunate enough to perform around the city and the tri-state area as well as tour internationally. 

After a 2-year break, I carefully studied master's programs around the globe and chose McGill, mostly for it being a gateway to Montréal’s vast jazz scene, as well as having a very solid foundation and demanding curriculum. So far, the program and the faculty have very much proven themselves and I would be happy to tell you more about it and the professional side of things in my presentation!

photo of young man smiling while looking at the cameraMeet Manuel
My Story: November 10, 7:00pm EST

Hi! My name is Manuel and I come from Bogotá, Colombia. I’m currently in my second year of the Master’s in Music Performance program: Percussion. Even though the first half of my first year was online, I started enjoying the McGill experience right away. Once I landed in Montreal, I immediately got involved in all kinds of projects across the Schulich School of Music such as collaborations with composers, sound recording students, chamber ensembles and more. In my presentation, you’ll hear more about my life as a master’s student, and all the amazing opportunities there are in Montreal’s highly cultural and diverse city.  

photo of young woman smiling at the cameraMeet Charlotte
My Story: November 21 6:00pm EST

Hi everyone!  My name is Charlotte and I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I'm one of the Schulich School of Music’s Student Ambassadors. I am an undergraduate student in Violin Performance at Schulich with a minor in Psychology, and in my free time I enjoy crocheting, roller skating and reading. I am a U1 student so my experience at McGill has been primarily online, but I love being a part of the music school! This year has been great so far with the switch to in-person learning, and Schulich has so many incredible courses and opportunities that I have already been enjoying. Montreal is such a beautiful and energetic city to study in as well; there is never a shortage of exciting activities and destinations for students. I can’t wait to share my experience at McGill with all of you!

headshot of man looking at cameraMeet Andrew and Grace
Our stories: December 3, 6:00pm EST

Hello! My name is Andrew Backer and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am in my 4th year of the B.Mus. Voice Performance program at the Schulich School of Music, and I am jointly pursuing two minors through the Faculty of Arts in French language & literature and Linguistics. I also serve as Vice President of Internal Affairs on the Music Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA), and I am on a never-ending quest to find the perfect café for studying in Montréal. 

Looking forward to meeting you! 


headshot of young woman smiling gently while looking up at camera Meet Grace

Hello everyone! My name is Grace Skehan and I'm a McGill student entering the final year of my undergraduate degree in classical voice. I’m originally from the Boston area in the States, and plan to move to Germany following graduation to pursue an opera career abroad. As a McGill student I’ve enjoyed exploring a broad range of classes beyond my major and I’ve also enjoyed wearing many hats as a part of the work study program. I’ve worked in recruitment, served as McGill’s Voice Area Assistant, coordinated student yoga workshops, graphic designed promotional material for guest artists— I even spent a summer cataloging material in McGill’s rare book archive. In my presentation I will cover my experiences as a voice major, as well as touch on the work study program and the international student experience. I’ll also talk a bit about how much fun it is to live in Montréal! I’ve loved my past four years here and will gush about the number of good coffee shops in proximity to good parks at some point in the presentation. Can’t wait to meet you! 

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