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Students, Faculty and Staff

Enhance the recruitment and preparation of world-quality artists and researchers

Students, Faculty and Staff

Enhance the recruitment and preparation of world-quality artists and researchers

  1. Attract, mentor and retain the best students nationally and internationally
  2. Recruit, support and retain top-level faculty with international profiles
  3. Provide students and faculty with 21st-century facilities and equipment

This direction aligns with the Schulich School of Music value of academic and artistic freedom. We value the advancement of learning through the free expression of ideas and pursuit of research and artistic creation.

Tracking success


SSofM Strategic Plan - complete graphic

  • Coordinate and communicate wellness initiatives and services to students to ensure students are well informed. (1: Students) Coordination and regular communication established by Fall 2020.




In progress

SSofM Strategic Plan - in progress graphic
  •  Increase flexible and renewable scholarship funding to attract and retain top students. (1: Students) Fundraising ongoing through Bicentennial Campaign.
  • Hire an external consultant to review key administrative operations and make recommendations. (1: Students) Review completed in Fall 2020; Implementation plan in progress.
  • Provide guidance and financial support for learning and teaching initiatives related to strategic plan. (2: Faculty) Hiring of pedagogy professor complete in Summer 2020; Innovative Learning and Teaching in Music (ILTM) initiative launched Summer 2020; Planning for further initiatives in progress as of Fall 2020.
  • Recognize teaching innovation through the merit process. (2: Faculty) Development of guidelines in progress as of Fall 2020.
  • Renovate Pollack Hall to improve the experience for performers and audience. (3: Facilities) Philanthropic support and architectural feasibility study in progress as of Fall 2020.

In discussion

SSofMusic Strategic Plan - In discussion graphic
  • Survey students, academic and admin staff to measure satisfaction with administrative organization and processes. (1: Students)
  • Create a checklist for “onboarding” new faculty members to serve as guide for individualized mentoring. (2: Faculty)
  • Create a web-based information resource for faculty members. (2: Faculty)
  • Create and implement workload policies that are equitable and sustainable. (2: Faculty)
  • Rebuild the East Wing of Strathcona to enhance teaching, practice and rehearsal space, and enable performance science research. (3: Facilities)
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