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Broaden the scope of inter- and intra-disciplinary research and learning


Broaden the scope of inter- and intra - disciplinary research and learning

  1. Develop a new cross-disciplinary initiative in performance science
  2. Create more opportunities for interdisciplinary studies for graduate and undergraduate students

This direction aligns with the Schulich School of Music value of communication and connectivity. We celebrate music’s multifaceted nature; its capacity to communicate non-verbally, physically, intellectually and emotionally, and its ability to connect at many levels with other arts and sciences and with the social and cultural experience of societies, groups and individuals.

Tracking success


SSofM Strategic Plan - complete graphic

  • Form a small Performance Science Steering Committee within the Schulich community. (1: Performance science) Steering Committee formed in Fall 2020.
  • Develop a cross-disciplinary performance science model. (1: Performance science) Model completed in Fall 2020.


In progress

SSofM Strategic Plan - in progress graphic
  • Engage performance science partners from Schulich and other McGill faculties. (1: Performance science) Colleagues invited to participate in projects starting in Fall 2020.
  • Bring experts in areas of performance science to McGill as guest speakers, teachers, and wellness practitioners. (1: Performance science) Prof. Williamon joined the School as the Dean’s Chair in Fall 2019; International symposium planning in progress for Fall 2021.
  • Seek funding from provincial and federal research agencies and philanthropy to support performance science initiatives. (1: Performance science) Starting in Fall 2020.
  • Design an interdisciplinary master’s program. (2: Interdisciplinary studies) Consultation starting in Fall 2020.
  • Add an interdisciplinary option to the existing Ph.D. program. (2: Interdisciplinary studies) Consultation starting in Fall 2020.

In discussion

SSofMusic Strategic Plan - In discussion graphic

  • Hire a new tenure-stream faculty member in performance science. (1: Performance science) On hold due to pandemic hiring freeze.
  • Support the development of interdisciplinary courses that combine music and another discipline. (2: Interdisciplinary studies)
  • Include elements of research in public performances. (2: Interdisciplinary studies)
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