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Increase the diversity of people, practices and curriculum


Increase the diversity of people, practices, and curriculum

  1. Diversify our community by implementing strategies to recruit underrepresented populations
  2. Improve equity, diversity and inclusion in personal awareness and practices
  3. Enhance the diversity of repertoire, curriculum and teaching modalities

This direction aligns with the Schulich School of Music value of integrity and professionalism. We conduct ourselves in all our interactions with respect for others and concern for fair-ness, inclusion and transparency.

Tracking success

Updated June 9, 2021


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  • Establish an appropriate structure to promote and coordinate EDI initiatives in the School. (2: Practices) EDI Standing Committee approved by Faculty Council, Fall 2020; EDI Committee Equity Advisors trained to receive disclosures and direct people to resources and support, Winter 2021.
  • Establish a shared understanding of curricular diversity through Equity Office workshops for Area Coordinators and Ensemble Directors. (3: Curriculum) Workshops held in Fall 2020.
  • Build on Jazz Area guidelines to create School-wide guidelines for instructor/student interaction with plan for annual dissemination. (2: Practices) Working Group established Summer 2020; Consultation over Winter 2021; PDF icon Final report approved by Faculty Council in May 2021; Implementation starting Summer 2021.


In progress

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  • Develop and implement student recruitment strategies to reach underrepresented groups in different musical areas. (1: Community) Participation in Black Students’ Network Youth Day, April 2021; Research into successful strategies for diversity recruitment in music, April – September 2021; Recruitment planning in 2021/22; Implementation in 2022 recruitment cycle.
  • Partner with Black Alumni on outreach activities for student recruitment. (1: Community) Black alumni advisory group established in Fall 2020; Survey to connect with multiple underrepresented groups among alumni in progress; Outreach plan in progress.
  • Fundraise and assign scholarships to target underrepresented groups. (1: Community) Started in Fall 2019; Funding increased by 74% in 2020/21; Ongoing through Bicentennial Campaign.
  • Increase efforts to seek out underrepresented candidates in tenure-stream hiring. (1: Community) Search for new Jazz Studies position as part of McGill’s Anti-Black Racism Action Plan in progress Winter 2021; Regular hiring on hold due to pandemic hiring freeze.
  • Increase the number of visiting scholars and performers who come from underrepresented groups and/or who represent diverse viewpoints. (1: Community) Equity survey developed in Fall 2020 to establish demographic baseline over 2020/21; MGSS funding directed to support visitors from underrepresented groups in 2020/21.
  • Ensure regular training workshops for faculty, staff, and students on EDI matters. (2: Practices) Ongoing (falls under responsibilities of newly created EDI Committee).
  • Through Area/Ensemble discussions involving instructors and students, define curricular diversity in each area/program and establish concrete strategies and targets for diversifying the curriculum/repertoire. (3: Curriculum) Discussions in every area/program starting Fall 2020; Reports submitted to EDI Committee March 2021; Implementation starting Fall 2021.


In discussion

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  •  Organize workshops on inclusive pedagogy in collaboration with TLS/Equity Office. (3: Curriculum)
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