Accessibility at Schulich

Our Vision for Accessibility at the Schulich School of Music

The Schulich School of Music is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in our learning and employment environment, our artistic and social interactions, and our engagement with all communities.

The School aims to foster a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of all persons. We strive to identify, remove, and prevent barriers that hinder full and meaningful participation in all aspects of campus life. All members of the Schulich School of Music community share the responsibility of supporting these values and goals.

In Fall 2017, the Dean established an Accessibility Working Group with representation from faculty, staff and students.

Their first actions are:

  • to develop a Vision Statement in consultation with the Schulich community.
  • to guide ongoing actions aiming to improve accessibility, inclusion and diversity.

Their ongoing mandate is:

  • to evaluate service to the public, teaching and learning, the workplace, and the physical environment at the School of Music.
  • to develop short-term and long-term strategies for improvement in all these areas.

The implementation plan is being developed in partnership with other units at McGill who have expertise in these issues.

For progress updates on specific goals, see under Initiatives.

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