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SSH-Ideas: The newest MSSI fund has launched


Published: 24Feb2020
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The McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative is looking for big ideas in sustainability research from McGill faculty members based in the social sciences and humanities.

Solutions to sustainability challenges require much more than technological innovation, as viable plans to achieve sustainability must also address social and economic factors and conditions. For example, shifting society towards a more sustainable path will necessitate new norms, attitudes, habits, laws, economic incentives or instruments and public policies.

The MSSI SSH-Ideas Fund provides seed funding to explore bold projects and novel ideas drawn specifically from social sciences and humanities research with the potential to illuminate or solve sustainability-related challenges. The ultimate result of successful proposal would contribute positively to society’s shift towards sustainability.

To see the full funding call and to apply, visit the MSSI website. Any questions should be directed to mssi [at]

The deadline to apply is April 14th, 2020.

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