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2021 MSSI Research Symposium Day 2 - Sus platform launch


Join the MSSI Urban theme for the launch of the Sus dashboard, developed to support data-driven decision making for the monitoring, planning and governance of urban sustainability in Montreal.

About Sus

In the twin contexts of global climate change and the ongoing urbanization of human society, cities in Canada and internationally are facing the increasingly urgent need to reduce their environmental footprints and to prepare for heightened environmental threats.

Can urban sustainability decision making be radically improved, both for research and for policymaking? How can academic researchers properly assess interlinkages between different aspects of urban sustainability? If local policymakers have the desire to make empirically informed decisions on environmental questions, what infrastructure exists to support them?

Sus—an online platform for integrating sustainability data and enabling complex scenario modelling—addresses these challenges, transforming subjective decisions into objective ones using a range of data sources integrated into meaningful relationships.

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