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Volume 1

Introduction By: Vivien Carli, Alex Mochnacki, Chuk Plante, and Kalyani ThurairajahHTML PDF From Reactive to Proactive: The World Social Forum and the Anti-/Alter-Globalization MovementBy: Marian...

Un compte rendu du livre de Pierre Popovic "Imaginaire social et folie littéraire, Le second Empire de Paulin Gagne"

Par Nicolina Katinakis   McGill Sociological Review, Volume 1, January 2010, pp. 69-70   Dans Imaginaire social et folie littéraire, Le second Empire de Paulin Gagne, Pierre Popovic exhume du...

Volume 2

 Introduction By: Sarah Berry, Raphaël Charron-Chénier, Erin Denton, Sara Hall, Christine Proulx, and Chuk PlanteHTML PDF

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 Founders of MSR: Editorial Board, Steering Committee, and other contributors of Volume 1 Photographer:Chaowen Chan  Coordinators (Volume 4) Jason Jensen, Senior Angela Kalyta, Senior ...

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