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McGill School of Environment

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Research Themes:

Health in a Changing Environment

considers the complex set of interactions between human health and the health of other animals and plants that share our earth; targets both urban and rural environments in developed and developing countries; addresses the social, ecological, and built environments; and poses broad questions concerning how humans are altering the health of other species, and how the environment in turn affects human health.

Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Conservation

concerns the biosphere and the environments with which organisms, populations, and communities interact.  Studies focus on landscape ecology and restoration, species invasions, transfers and extinctions, and how knowledge can best be integrated into institutional systems and mechanisms of governance to ensure protection of the environment.

Citizens, Communities, Institutions and the Environment

centres on the sustainable use of food, water, energy, and other resources, and on the changing perspectives of the public, decision makers, business leaders and the media concerning the evolving nature of relationships between society, markets, the state, and the environment.  Researchers uncover innovative ways to help citizens, communities, and corporations adopt sustainable practices.

Rethinking Social-Ecological Relationships

considers the interdependence between human activity and the ecological goods and services provided by nature.  Comprehending these relationships requires an understanding of humans as economic actors within the institutional arrangements that influence their behaviour.  Those undertaking research in this thematic area re-examine the value of equality within the context of the environment, study how our understanding of individuality influences moral principles, and develop alternate models for an integrated economy and biosphere.