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Your support helps us do amazing things by helping us nurture young adults wishing to pursue a career in environment and stimulate their passion for life-long learning.

In celebration of the McGill School of Environment’s 20th anniversary, students from the various disciplines launched a Seeds of Change initiative to raise money for the newly created Environment Fund for a Sustainable Future. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a fund that all MSE students can apply to and receive funding for, to explore the world outside the classroom.

Environment Fund for a Sustainable Future

Support MSE students directly through experiential, outside the classroom learning opportunities; promote sustainability initiatives through various forms of community involvement; empower students to make a change in the world.



Allocation Code: 07226

MSE Greatest Needs


Undergraduate Research Awards: supporting research experience which allows students to build knowledge and competencies to change the world.
Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships: recognizing student excellence and providing opportunities to participate in symposiums and conferences to foster curiosity, original thought and promoting collaborations.

Allocation Code: 02201

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts and Bequests

With you, we could focus on new approaches and provide opportunities for students to make a difference in environmental law, environmental politics and economic, social, cultural and ethical environmental research.




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