George McCourt

MSE Faculty Lecturer
Contact Information
Email address: 
george.mccourt [at]
MSE Faculty Lecturers
McGill School of Environment
Current research: 
  • Long-term climate change and paleo-environmental reconstruction
  • Water resource use in urban settings

McGill University:

-          Developed new technique for determining rates of soil mineral weathering based on amounts of acidity that can be buffered as a result of mineral weathering.  Technique allows many soil samples to be analyzed in a relatively short time allowing for a better quantification of acid buffering within a given area.  This allows for development of more effective soil weathering models.

-          Tested PROFILE computer model designed to predict changes in soil profile chemistry in response to changing atmospheric acid deposition conditions.  Compared field data collected from six regions of southern Quebec with predicted model results.

University of Alberta:

-          Established a two and one-half million year old vegetational record for the Bluefish Basin area of northern Yukon using palynological techniques.  This was part of the Yukon-Beringia Refugium Project and has helped contribute to understanding the Steppe-Tundra Mammoth Paradox question.

-          Geological analysis of sedimentary record helped contribute to a better understanding of the geological relationships between the unglaciated regions of Yukon-Beringia Refugium and the surrounding glaciated regions of the Southern Yukon and the adjoining Northwest Territories.

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