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Congratulations to our MSE professors
Welcome new professor, Hamish van der Ven
Top 30 under 30 in Sustainability
Guest speakers:  Jodi Hilty - Conservation, and Barbara Cosens - Law
Austin Rikley-Krindle, U1 and youngest elected regional town council official
Climate change and endangered species
Amazing awards



MSE Faculty in Action
MSE Students in Action
MSE Alumni in action
Melting Away by Eva Wu
Kudos to Students
Kudos to MSE Faculty

Dr. Frances Westley, Social Transformation through Innovation
MSE in Action
Young Agrarians - MSEG (Macdonald Students Ecological Gardens)
Real Food Challenge
Think Upstream - Expanding our Criteria for Healthy Living
Environmental Research
MSE Honours Students
Kudos to Staff and Students

Focus on Students
Roots & Research with Dr. Jean-Francois Losier, Canadian Museum of History
Urban Sprawl
Social Equity in Urban Transportation Planning
Anthropocene - The Age of Humans
MDIIM wins Sustainability Award

December 2014

Focus on Alumni
McGill Net Positive
Economics for the Anthropocene
Branches - McGill Undergraduate Environmental Journal

December 2013

Thank you from the MSE
New MSE Staff
MSE Expertise in Demand
New Liber Ero Fellowship
MUSE: Montreal’s Urban Sustainability Experience
Science vs. Ideology: Mark Lynas on What the Environmental Movement Got Wrong
Philanthropy Making a Difference

May 2013

The Right to be Cold - Sheila Watt-Cloutier
The MSE is 15 years old!
Research in Action
Catalyst Awards in Sustainability
Haida Gwaii Semester
Experiential Learning
Common Ground Relief

December 2012

Do you believe in science?
Les Jardins de la Grelinette
Classroom without Walls
Silent Springs, Politics, and Ecology - Linda Lear
Protecting our Domain - Jeff Rubin and David Suzuki
Sustainability Made Real
The Iwastology Project
The Fruit Hunters
Tall Ships - Learning about Systems

May 2012 L.O.O.P. (Life Out of Plastic)
Green Careers
Internship Awards Recipients
Soaring to Great Heights with Nalini Nadkarni
Lost Bird Project
UN General Assembly - Harmony with Nature
National Student Fellows 2011
Kibale Health & Conservation Project
December 2011

Green Fire
Moving Planet
Welcome to the MSE
Our Land, Our Stories

May 2011

Climate Change Denial Campaign - Naomi Oreskes
Montreal-Based Internship Semester
COP16 Climate Change Negotiations
Students on Ice
Alumni Corner
Leopold Fellowship Recipient 2011

December 2010

MSE Research Symposium
New Faculty
Reflective Learning
MSE Success Excess
Public Lecturers Interviews
In the Media

May 2010

The Oldest Environmental Problem Must and Can be Solved - Wes Jackson
A Religious Response to the Climate Crisis - Rev. Canon Sally Bingham
Climate Wars - Gwynne Dyer
The Missing Ingredient: When Fields Collide
Running Towards Sustainability

December 2009

Mini-Enviro Series
Alanna Mitchell Brings You the Ocean
Important Monkey Business
The Good that Comes from Saying 'No'
The Power of One

May 2009 Kibale Health Center & Conservation Project
Tides of Change on Grand Manan Island
A Precious Natural Resource: MSE Alumni
Net Zero Energy Housing
Transportation Debate on rue Notre Dame
Hope Springs Sustainable - Chris Turner
December 2008 The Face of Food Security
Look Where ENVR401 can take you!
The MSE is 10 years old!
Building the Bridge: James Gustave Speth
Click on the Environment
Communicating Climate Change
U21 Undergraduate Research
Environmental Change in Monteregie - Water & Agriculture
May 2008 Nigel Roulet shares 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
George McCourt wins Principal's Teaching Award
Green Campus: Green Minds - David Orr
May 2007 Senate approved Graduate Environment Option
Launch of the MSE internship program
Think a Drop! Initiative
May 2006 Macdonald Campus Library & Sustainability
Mac Sustainable Project
Macdonald Campus is 100 years old!
When You Teach, You Learn
Massive Change Exhibition - Bruce Mau
Beyond Kyoto - It's Us!
Fishy Tales - ENVR401 Research
May 2005 Towards a World Water Ethic - Sandra Postel
Alumni: Where Possibilities Become Real
Beautiful Oceans - A Dream that Began at the MSE
Working on a Global Scale
Aquatic Ecology in the North American Desert
May 2004 Aa-wiichaautuwiihkw (Coming Together to Walk Together): ENVR401 in James Bay
Synergy: The Environmental Research Community at McGill
Host Locally, Think Globally: 2003 Open Meeting
of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
Butterflies, Migration, and Site Protection - Lincoln Brower
May 2003 A Real M.E.S.S. of Activity
Meet our Faculty
Life After Graduation
December 2002 Establish Common Ground
Climate Change in the Classroom
Ecological Footprint
Touring the Earth from Above
May 2002 Professors Win National Award
MSE Membership in the World Conservation Union
Green Belt Movement in Kenya
Students as Environmental Ambassadors
December 2001 CANSEE Conference
Ideas: Lectures at the MSE
Bay of Fundy Field Semester
Environmental Research Course
Community Outreach
Earth Summit 2002
Greening of the MSE
Evidence of Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic
June 2001 Robert Watson on Climate Change
The Land and Health of the James Bay Cree
O Panama!
Environmental Action Ltd.
December 2000 Eulogy for the Tisza River
Thoughts on the MSE
Summer Internships
Les Amis de la Montagne
March 2000 The M.E.S.S. Takes McGill by Storm!
Panama Field Study Semester
Move to Rowles House at Macdonald Campus