Anthony Ricciardi

Anthony Ricciardi
Contact Information
514-398-4400 Ext 4089
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tony.ricciardi [at]
MSE Appointed Faculty
McGill School of Environment & Redpath Museum
Current research: 

My research seeks to develop a predictive understanding of species invasions, using a combination of field experiments, empirical modelling and meta-analysis.  My students and I examine why some species are better invaders than others, why some cause greater impacts, and why some ecosystems are more vulnerable to invasion.  Most of our work is focused on the ecological impacts of invasive species in lakes and rivers.

Current research work:

  • Testing new theories regarding the success and impact of introduced species
  • Examining the ecosystem-level effects of invaders in the St. Lawrence River
  • Developing risk assessment models for invasive fishes and invertebrates
  • Teasing apart the roles of invasive species and habitat degradation as drivers of biodiversity loss
biological invasions
invasive species
risk assessment models for invasive species
role of invasion in biodiversity loss
testing invasion theories