Research Themes


The laboratory of Maya Saleh (Departments of Medicine, Biochemistry, Microbiology/ Immunology) investigates signal transduction pathways in inflammation, apoptosis and immunity. The lab focus is centered on pathways driven by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), their activation by microbes (both commensals and pathogens) and endogenous danger signals, and the signaling events linking these PRRs to effectors of inflammation.

The recently identified family of Nod-like receptors (NLRs), which assemble “inflammasomes” and activate the inflammatory caspases, is a major focus of study. The lab explores PRR biology in the context of infectious disease (sepsis, infectious colitis, malaria), immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IBD) and tumorigenesis.

The group is also interested in investigating the crosstalk between the commensal microflora, the activation of resident macrophages and innate lymphocytes in the intestinal submucosa and their role in promoting homeostasis or tumorigenesis of the overlaying intestinal epithelium.