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Dr. Judith Mandl is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and a new member of the CTG.  She has an established record of productive research in cellular immunology, particularly in the biology of T cells and in their cross-talk with cells of the innate immune system at steady-state and during infection. She has made important contributions to the field of HIV pathogenesis, demonstrating the absence of ongoing type I interferon production in a natural host for SIV and its impact on downstream adaptive responses. More recently, her work has highlighted the role of interactions of T cells with self-peptides presented by MHC to both the selection of an effective T cell repertoire in the thymus and in their trafficking dynamics through peripheral lymphoid organs. Her current work focuses on T cell recirculation in mouse models of infection or immunodeficiency, making use of cutting-edge research tools that allow linking individual cell-level to population-level processes, including intravital 2-photon and confocal microscopy.             

Mandl Lab Contact Information

Contact Information:
Office Phone: (514) 398-3149
Lab Phone:  (514) 398-3894
Fax: (514) 398-2603
Email: judith.mandl [at] mcgill.ca

Mailing address:
McGill Life Sciences Complex
Bellini Pavilion, Room 364
3649 Promenade Sir-William Osler
Montreal, Qc, Canada H3G 0B1



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