Members of the MRCCT

Our multi-disciplinary Centre brings together complementary expertise to take advantage of the unique opportunities from recent progress in genomics technologies and to achieve breakthroughs in the field of medical genomics. The team members and their associated scientific expertise are listed below.

Membership includes 2 full and 14 Primary members from the departments of Medicine, Human Genetics, Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry and Physiology and includes immunologists (J. Fritz, J. Mandl, C. Piccirillo), physiologist (A. Nyjnik), microbial physiologist (C. Maurice), microbiologist (S. Gruenheid), geneticists (P. Gros, S. Vidal, D. Malo, D. Langlais), bioinformatician (M. Blanchette, J. Waldispuhl) and Clinician Scientists (I. Colmegna, N. Jabado, S. Qureshi and D. Vinh). 

There are 18 associate members representing different disciplines including computational biology (G.Bourque), statistical genetics (M. Lathrop, P. Awadalla), population genetics (L. Barreiro), mouse genetics (S. Lesage), immunology (J. Danska, M. Olivier), applied and translational genomics (J. Antel, A. Bar-Or, K. Kain, M. Georges, A. Sakuntabhai, S. Sawcer, E. Schurr, S. Turvey), vaccinology (B. Ward), functional genomics (S. Huang, J. Pelletier) and from the academia (McGill University, Université de Montréal, University of Toronto, Université de Liège, Cambridge University, University of Chicago and L'Institut Pasteur).

Key existing collaborations between members of the MRCCT and Associate members are already engaged and include collaboration with Dr. Lathrop (Scientific Director of MUGQIC) and G. Bourque (Director of Bioinformatics at MUGQIC). Additional associate members provide access to unique human cohorts of inflammatory (M. Georges, A. Bar-Or, S. Sawcer, J. Antel) and infectious diseases (A. Sakuntabhai; K. Kain; S. Turvey), access to large sequencing and expression datasets (L. Barrero, P. Awadalla, M. Lathrop).


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