Multi-Faith Network Documents

Welcome to the documentation page for MORSL's Multi-Faith Network

Here, you will find reference documents and reports for MORSL's multi-faith network.

    Regular meetings:

    Read the meeting minutes from the latest Multi-faith Network (Feb. 2022)
    View PowerPoint presentation from the meeting

    Special Interfaith Dialogue Session (Nov. 30, 2021)

    Past reports:
    Multi-faith Network (Oct. 2021)
    Multi-faith Network (Mar. 2021)
    Multi-faith Network (Oct. 2020)
    Multi-faith Network (Mar. 2020)
       -  Updates from April 6, 2020
    Multi-faith Network (Nov. 2019) 


    Terms of Reference (ToR) for the MORSL Multifaith Network.

    Click to download the PDF iconToR for MORSL Multifaith Network.


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