My Neighbour's Faith

My Neighbour's Faith Field Trips

4 or 5 times per year, McGill students are invited to join MORSL at a local faith site, such as a Synagogue, Mosque, Gurdwara, Temple, Cathedral, etc!

Visits are advertised here on the website, in our newsletter and on social media. Registration (free) is required via web form. NEW: Students who attend any one of the My Neighbour's Faith visits will receive co-curricular recognition through myInvolvement!

Scroll to the very bottom of the page for a history of this religious literacy program at McGill.

My Neighbour's Faith 2018-2019:

The Shambhala Meditation Centre, Nov. 14, 2018 (7:00-8:30pm).
Carols by Candlelight: Dinner, concert and interactive visit to the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, Dec. 16, 2018 (4:30-8:30pm)
Shabbat services and lunch at Chabad House, Feb. 23, 2019 (12:15-2:00pm)
Visit to the Baha'i Shrine (Mar. 20, 5:45-8pm)


My Neighbour's Faith 2017-2018:

* MARCH 2018 *

March 11 - Visit to a Unitarian Church

Learn more about the Unitarian Church is a welcoming, inclusive faith community offering individuals and families many ways to nurture spiritual exploration and participate in social justice.

My Neighbour's Faith at Unitarian Church, March 11, 2018


* FEBRUARY 2018 *

February 28 - Visit to a Sikh Gurdwara

Learn more about Sikhism on a guided visit, with a Punjabi meal and a chance for questions and discuss with community members!


February 16, 2018   Visit to an Anglican Church

We welcome McGill students of any religious or non-religious background to experience a blend of contemporary worship in a traditional setting!


Join us at Assuna Mosque (by metro Parc) for a short intro to Islam, a prayer service, and a dinner with discussion! Thursday, November 16th at 3:30pm. Meet on-site. RSVP required at morsl [at]


My Neighbour's Faith: A History

In 2008, Sikh volunteer Manjit Singh developed our "My Neighbour's Faith" program -- a series of monthly visits to various sacred sites around Montreal. A tour of the location and an observation of a religious ceremony is usually followed by a discussion period and refreshments