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Course Introduction and Details

We face challenging questions as we go through various stages of life, including our academic journey, such as who am I and where do I belong? How do I gain stability and deal with uncertainties in my life? These questions invite us to reach toward a greater understanding of our personal spiritual depths and to more fully develop our meaning or purpose as we engage in life. Creating meaning is a cornerstone of well-being and flourishing. It underpins spiritual wellness and the development of personal beliefs and values. It helps us become more spiritually grounded. But how do we make meaning in our lives?

Join MORSL in exploring these questions through our six workshops on meaning making while also enjoying social time and lunch. The Lunch and Learn events feature topics on identity and belonging, the role of rituals, gratitude, and dealing with uncertainty, among others. Please register for each workshop separately on myInvolvement. We encourage you to take advantage of all the events, but you are welcome to register for whatever combination and number of workshops best suits you! 

Course Resources

At the links below you'll find supplementary materials and handout downloads for each workshop. The series is not an online class, and the resources provided are not intended to substitute for participation in the workshops. Though we hope they will be interesting and helpful in your spiritual life whether you join us in the workshops or not!

  1. Relationships, Belonging and Community

  2. How to Translate Values into Action

  3. Regular Rituals

  4. Gratitude and Humility

  5. Spiritual Identity

  6. Navigating Uncertainties


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